Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Ofakim

Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Ofakim: 2010–2012

This program was designed to train a group of vision-led leaders committed to acting for the benefit of the city of Ofakim.


The program aimed to equip participants with a renewed perspective of their roles and their professional environment, and to provide the conditions for them to develop their individual and group vision. The program helped to improve the participants' leadership capabilities and their ability to implement their vision by means of ideational, theoretical and practical enrichment; and also by fostering networking among the participants and connecting them strongly to municipal processes, including planning and strategic processes.

The two-year program included both theoretical and practical studies.


Ofakim Municipality; Ofakim Community Center


Program content was specially tailored to local needs in Ofakim, via consultation with the program partners.



Spotlight on Graduates

Lin Hawari

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Yasmin Sax Fridman

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