Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Eilat

Mandel Program for Local Leadership Development in Eilat: 2007-2009

The program was designed to train a group of high-quality leaders who would act to lead change and bring about a significant improvement in all areas of life in Eilat.


The group included professionals and activists from the fields of society, education, economics, politics, the environment, welfare, culture, the media, and more, with a proven record of social engagement and commitment, the desire to lead change and the willingness to take responsibility for their surroundings.

This was a two-year program, which included both theoretical and practical studies and engaged the participants in formulating visions in action groups. At the end of the program, participants became eligible to join the graduate support framework and to consult with the faculty of the Mandel Center for Leadership in the Negev.


Eilat Municipality; Partnership 2000 Eilat - Toronto


The program explored issues of society, state and space by learning about cities such as Eilat. Among the main subjects covered by the program were: the state; district authorities; local authorities and civil society; multi-culturalism; socioeconomic gaps and their impact on measurable educational outcomes; welfare; immigrant absorption; leisure cities; social planning; and leadership and leading change.


The program led to the development and implementation of participants’ personal and group programs, both during the period of study and afterwards. Examples include a municipal residents’ parliament and an environmental education initiative.