Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Netivot

Mandel Program for Young Local Leadership in Netivot: 2007-2009

The aim of the program was to train a team of vision-driven leaders committed to acting for the benefit of the city of Netivot and its residents, both in the context of their formal positions and in other capacities.


The program participants were social activists and employees of the Netivot municipality and other public bodies and were carefully selected by the center and by the municipality. The program equipped participants with a renewed perspective of their roles and their professional environment, and enabled them to develop their individual and group vision.

This was a two-year program which included both theoretical and practical studies, and provided tools for forming visions and for devising action plans. At the end of the program, participants became eligible to join the graduate support framework and to consult with the faculty of the Mandel Center for Leadership in the Negev.


Netivot Municipality


The program explored issues of society, state and space by learning about cities such as Netivot; examined the particular needs of the city in the present and in the future; and engaged the participants in clarifying their professional identity, while also developing a personal and professional vision and developing practical programs in a variety of fields.


The participants developed a number of practical programs in their areas of activity and professional responsibility. Program graduates are involved in a number of important processes in the city, such as leading the local implementation of the National Program for Children and Youth at Risk (the “Schmid Program”) and establishing a professional early childhood center. A number of the graduates have taken on key roles, such as management positions in the municipal water company or assistant to the Minister of Education.



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