Dr. Nitza Roskin

Faculty Member

​​Dr. Nitza Roskin is an organizational consultant, evaluator and group facilitator. Her PhD research, conducted at the department of education at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, dealt with organizational identity from a narrative perspective. She studied the construction of identity in a veteran educational institute in Israel and showed how the organization's central narratives assist its personnel in allaying the dissonance between the organization's social-educational ideology and the economic principles underlying its work. Her main research and work interests include organizational identity, processes of constructing identity and the interface between self-identity and organizational identity. Roskin was the evaluator for the southern office of the Karev Program for Educational Involvement and has worked as an organizational consultant, group facilitator and evaluator for educational, health and welfare institutions, mainly in the south. She teaches courses on evaluation, organization and identity for undergraduate and graduate students at Ben-Gurion University and several other academic colleges.